Screena and ThetaRay AI partnership promises faster identification of sanctioned entities and individuals

Cyber security and big data analytics company ThetaRay has entered into a partnership with Screena, a fintech that screens individuals and verifies entities against designated sanction lists.

Aimed at financial institutions and governments, the ThetaRay system is designed to identify sophisticated attempts to circumvent economic and trade sanctions and helps maintain smooth and uninterrupted global banking activities.

Alliance benefits

Through the alliance, Screena’s cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) driven screening system will be fully integrated into ThetaRay’s SONAR SaaS transaction monitoring solution, providing fintechs and banks with a clear view of transactional and sanctions list risks.

ThetaRay’s SONAR financial crime prevention solution for global payments combined with Screena’s solution for screening transactions against ssanctions watchlists with a high degree of precision can be deployed within weeks.

Basic functions

SONAR uses AI to analyse transactions, risk indicators and client data to detect suspicious activities across complex, cross-border transaction paths, including the use of shell people and companies.

Screena’s AI-driven algorithms screen individuals and verify entities against designated sanctions lists with the aim of allowing smooth customer registration and fast payment operations.

Further details of the ThetaRay – Screena alliance can be found here.


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