Kenya broadcasts IFF-focused radio programmes

Transparency International Kenya (TI-K), Global Financial Integrity (GFI) and Haki Yetu, a Kenyan NGO focused on human rights have broadcast three radio shows discussing the impact illicit financial flows (IFFs) have had on Kwale County in southern Kenya.

The county has witnessed consistent opposition to the exploitation of a potentially very lucrative store of minerals due to concerns over mining industry IFFs, environmental considerations and issues surrounding land use and compensation.

Panel discussions

The panellists – TI-K’s senior regional officer, Mary Maneno and Haki Yetu’s programmes officer for lands and housing, Furaha Charo – discussed several approaches that could help mitigate the effects IFFs were having in Kwale.

One was to implement beneficial ownership legislation at the national level. Increased transparency in the management of public funds could also help stem IFFs.

Enhanced investigation and prosecution of money laundering crimes in Kenya would also help to tame those benefiting from IFFs they suggested.

Government response

Charo spoke about the link between corruption and the denial of rights among citizens. She said most stalled projects are linked directly to public funds that were allocated, disbursed, but then stolen.

In response to one caller’s question about what the government was doing to curb IFFs, the panellists said it had spearheaded amendments to the companies act to provide transparent beneficial ownership information while the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission was actively pursuing funds and assets held abroad.

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