India embarked on manual inspection of Chinese imports for under-invoicing

Indian customs officers are conducting manual inspections of Chinese imports for under-invoicing.

The clampdown on under-invoicing comes amidst increased tensions between India and China.

Manual inspections

India’s nationwide effort to identify under-invoicing of goods involves all land and sea ports where Chinese imports arrive and focus on low-value goods a senior customs department official told local media.

The majority of imports are being automatically screened while around 20-30 per cent of the most frequently under-invoiced shipment types are being manually inspected.

Low-value, non-branded goods are most frequently under-invoiced according to customs officials.

Retaliatory action

The tough inspection regime coincides with increased tension between India and China over disputed borders.

At least 20 Indian soldiers were killed in a June clash with Chinese forces in the disputed Kashmir region and India’s air force has received five new French Rafale fighter jets amid ongoing border tensions with China.

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