Turkey clamps down on ships misdeclaring fuel in smuggling operations

Turkish customs officials are increasingly investigating ships trading in Turkey in response to concerns that some ships are misdeclaring the amount of fuel they are carrying to facilitate a smuggling scheme.

Ships’ crews are suspected of selling fuel over and above the amount declared without paying customs due on the excess amount.

Unannounced inspections

Customs officials are reportedly conducting sudden and unannounced inspections on ships.

Several incidents have been reported during which officials have boarded ships to check the vessel’s actual fuel quantity against the one declared on arrival documents.

A misdeclaration may be considered a criminal offence and could result in the confiscation of any excess or undeclared fuel.

Personally liable

Customs officials may investigate a ship’s master or chief engineer on suspicion of smuggling, and suspects may then be arrested on the ship’s next call in Turkey.

Those found guilty on charges related to smuggling may face jail terms.

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