Illegal resident sentenced for drug funded cash smuggling, funnelling and TBML scheme

A Mexican citizen has been ordered by a court in the US state of Texas to serve a total of 57 months in federal prison for his part in a money laundering conspiracy.

Abraham Barajas-Alcantar, who illegally resided in the city of McAllen in southern Texas, had already pleaded guilty to charges related to purchasing three aircraft engines using US$272,649 derived from drug trafficking.

Aircraft parts

Barajas purchased aircraft engines and parts with drug proceeds and shipped them to his business in McAllen.

From there, he shipped the merchandise to Mexico for his customers who then used the parts in aircrafts used to transport drugs.

Drug proceeds were sent to Barajas in the form of bulk cash. He also received them through the funnelling of cash deposits via banks in which he had accounts or those to which he had access.

Complex money laundering

This scheme combined the traditional methods of bulk cash smuggling and the use of funnel accounts with trade-based money laundering (TBML).  

Because Barajas is not a US citizen, he is expected to face deportation proceedings following his sentence.

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