Ghana’s crackdown on mis-declaration and under-invoicing

The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) is cracking down on importers and agents who mis-declare or under-invoice goods according to its top official.

Acting Commissioner General of the GRA, Ammishaddai Owusu-Amoah, has warned that the authority will impose stringent measures on agents and importers who make false declarations or present incorrect documentation to evade taxes at Ghana’s ports.

Television broadcast

Speaking live on national television, Owusu-Amoah said penalties for mis-declaration and mis-invoicing have been toughened. The authority can now seek to have licenses for unscrupulous clearing agents revoked, and the acting commissioner is convinced that agents are part of the problem.

“False declaration cannot happen without a connivance with the agent. After you are caught two or three times, we will ban you from operating, ” he said.

Under-invoicing and under-declaration

“We have a system now that would be able to track the under-invoicing and over-invoicing,” Owusu-Amoah added.

The acting commissioner said the authority would also clamp down in 2020 on shop owners and business operators who under-declare sales tax.

Corrupt officials

The public should report corrupt revenue officials to the management of the GRA according to its top official.

“We want to say they should not be intimidated or troubled if they come out. I want to encourage the public that, as we come up with the numbers, they should also come out so that if we find anybody not doing the right thing, we will provide the support they need,” he said.

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