GFI announces plans for 2020

Global Financial Integrity (GFI), the Washington-based non-profit that undertakes advocacy and conducts research into illicit financial flows (IFFs) has published its agenda for 2020.

The agenda provides information on the organisation’s advocacy work in less-developed countries, the research work it intends to undertake, plans for its GFTrade tool and its work with multilaterals to harness blockchain to curtail corruption and fraud in the trade sector.


In Uganda, GFI is working with an East and Southern African think tank, the Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment, on natural resource and financial transparency issues.

GFI is working with Transparency International Kenya on natural resource and financial transparency issues and on the Kenyan government’s money laundering national risk assessment.

In Colombia, GFI is working with the Centro de Estudios del Trabajo, a non-profit organisation specialising in labour, democracy and production, to address core social issues in the country.

IFF research

Amongst its proposed research projects, GFI is providing its annual update examining trade-related IFFs between developing and advanced economies.

It is also planning to release a report examining the outsized role of Chinese transnational criminal networks in transnational crime and their contributions to IFFs.

Multilaterals and GFTrade

GFI says it will continue engaging with multilateral institutions in 2020. In particular, it will be working with several multilaterals to explore how blockchain technology can be used to curtail corruption and fraud in the trade sector.

Updates to the GFTrade tool, GFI’s cloud-based risk assessment database, will include the addition of 12 new countries to the dataset so it includes up to date trade data from 43 countries covering over 70 per cent of global trade.

More details on GFI’s 2020 agenda can be found here.

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