Philippines files charges for misdeclaration of luxury car imports

The Philippines’ Bureau of Customs (BoC) has filed charges against a Manila-based consignee and a licensed broker for the misdeclaration of a shipment of four luxury vehicles that arrived at the Port of Cebu in December 2018.

The misdeclarations meant the pair avoided paying the equivalent of US$682,220 in customs duty.

Customs violations

Sole proprietor of consignee Kyleman General Merchandise, Melanie Yason Serrano, and her licensed customs broker, Erwin Roy Vito Rojas, are facing charges for violating customs legislation.  

A statement from the BoC says documents presented to customs officials at the Port of Cebu declared that the shipment contained just one car body.

X-ray inspection

But the shipment was subjected to an x-ray inspection, which produced a scanned image of the container’s contents showing it actually contained four completely built motor vehicles –  a Range Rover, a Mercedes Benz, a Porsche and an Alfa Romeo.

The BoC statement alleged that he consignee failed to pay the 35 million Philippine peso (P35 million – US$684,547) duties and tax dues from the shipment and instead paid only P119,000 (US2,327).

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