Investment fund targeting FinTech operations focused on trade-based money laundering

Publisher and event organiser Global Trade Review (GTR) has launched a unit to invest in financial technology businesses (FinTechs) involved in trade.

The investor says one area of interest is FinTechs that seek to mitigate fraud and reduce trade-based money laundering (TBML).

Fraud and TBML

GTR Ventures has identified four investment areas: supply chain and physical trade finance, trade credit insurance and small- and medium-sized enterprise (SME) finance.

The investor has said it is particularly keen on trade-related FinTechs that look to boost efficiencies in trade, such as reducing TBML and mitigating trade fraud.

The fund claims to be the world’s first investment platform targeted specifically at FinTechs operating in the global trade ecosystem.

Trade finance gap

Kelvin Tan, co-founder and chief investment officer, told Singapore-based Business Times that the fund screens FinTechs that can help to close the annual US$1.5 trillion trade finance gap, particularly for SMEs.

The fund plans to deploy with its partners both equity and debt capital worth at least US$20 million in 2017 and says it has been in talks with about 10 trade-related FinTechs.

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