Ukraine signs up to global OpenOwnership Register

Ukraine has signed up to become the first country to integrate its national central register of beneficial ownership with a register managed by OpenOwnership, a newly established organisation intent on making the ownership of companies worldwide clearly visible.

This means that Ukraine’s beneficial ownership data will be automatically available on the OpenOwnership Register, and linked to data from around the world.

Global data

The recently established OpenOwnership’s goal is to mainstream high-quality, global beneficial ownership data and it is piloting a programme to integrate its register with national beneficial ownership registers.

OpenOwnership Register provides in-kind technical assistance on the technology underpinning the central register, and support in implementing its data standards.

Ukraine is the first country to participate in this pilot. As a result, the country will become a pioneer in providing beneficial ownership as open data in a form that will allow it to be linked globally.

Marked improvement

This marks a considerable improvement in global access to Ukraine’s beneficial ownership data, which is currently only available for a fee.

OpenOwnership will be working with Ukraine’s ministry of justice and technical implementers in the coming months to plan and implement the pilot programme.

Collaborative project

Open Ownership collects all available public beneficial ownership information into one central platform. This is the first public, global beneficial ownership register in the world.

It is a collaborative project whose steering group consists of Transparency International, the BTeam, Global Witness, ONE, Open Contracting Partnership, Open Corporates and the Web Foundation.

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