Artificial intelligence provider joins BAFT in financial crime prevention efforts

NextAngles, a provider of artificial intelligence-powered compliance solutions for the financial services industry has announced today that it has become a solution provider member of the Bankers Association for Finance and Trade (BAFT).

By becoming a member of the global association for international transaction banking, NextAngles aims to integrate the company and its solutions in the global trade finance industry.

Specific applications

NextAngles’ offerings include anti-money laundering and trade-based money laundering systems, tools for meeting know-your-customer regulations and financial crime prevention solutions.

These incorporate cognitive learning models, artificial intelligence and smart data, and aim to help financial institutions navigate the fast-changing compliance landscape.


“Next Angles aims to provide our member base a practitioner’s view of how artificial intelligence can be leveraged to prevent trade-based money laundering activities,” according to president and CEO of BAFT, Tod Burwell.

For its part, NextAngles says it is keen on BAFT membership so it can gain faster access to updates on regulatory issues affecting transaction banking, which should help the company improve and maintain the quality and relevance of its offerings to the association’s members.

NextAngles believes that a new breed of disruptive solutions, such as those it offers, will become increasingly important tools for managing regulatory risk and compliance.

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