Obama lifts US trade sanctions on Sudan

After years of Washington viewing Sudan as a supporter and financier of terrorism, the outgoing Obama administration has decided to lift US trade sanctions on the North African country.

Sudan will now be able to trade extensively with the US, which it has not been able to do since the 1990s.

Economic requirements

Sudan needs to buy goods including agricultural equipment and industrial machinery as well as spare parts.

As one of the world’s poorest countries, it also needs to attract investment in its ailing economy.

Sanctions ineffective

Washington imposed punitive measures against Sudan in a largely unsuccessful attempt to force the isolationist country’s government to stop killing its own people.

But there are tough conditions for Sudan. It will have to improve access for aid groups, stop supporting rebels in neighbouring South Sudan, cease the bombing of insurgent territory and cooperate with American intelligence agents. If Sudan fails to meet its obligations, sanctions can be reinstated.

Sponsor of terrorism

Sudan remains one of the few countries, along with Iran and Syria, on Washington’s list of state sponsors of terrorism.

Sales of military equipment will still be prohibited and some Sudanese militia and rebel leaders will remain designated.

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