Report calls for transparency over company ownership

A report by Global Witness and Global Financial Integrity is calling on legislators worldwide to require disclosure of the real owners of companies.

The report, which is supported by the Financial Transparency Coalition, also calls on investors to press legislators to ensure beneficial owners of companies are named.

Hidden dangers

Entitled ‘Chancing It’, the report sets out examples from several industries of the hidden dangers anonymously-owned companies pose for investors and businesses.

It also provides tools to help the business community manage risks stemming from anonymously-owned companies, which can result in significant, negative financial impacts.

The report calls on investors to call on all governments to make beneficial ownership information public for all to see.


“Chancing It’ recommends that investors assess the steps taken by companies to manage risk by publicly disclosing their ultimate beneficial owners and uncovering the beneficial owners among their business partners and supply chains.

The report also recommends all companies publicly disclose who ultimately owns and controls them.

More information and a link to the ‘Chancing It’ report can be found here.

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