Under invoicing spurs Pakistan to block scrap and used machinery imports

Pakistan’s Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation (DII) has started blocking the clearance of every fourth consignment of scrap and used machinery for re-examination after reportedly receiving information of widespread under-invoicing and mis-declarations.

The move has caused difficulties for importers and delays at border posts.

Long delays

The DII is informing importers and clearing agents when consignments are put on hold and are only releasing the shipments once they have passed examinations and tax has been duly paid.

Reports suggest that the actions of the DII are causing delays of up to fifteen days as the directorate examines consignments.


The All Pakistan Customs Agents Association (APCAA) has expressed concerns over the delay in the clearance of scrap consignments in a letter to the DII in Islamabad.

The APCAA said that they were receiving many complaints from members and that the DII should work to reduce clearance times.

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